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Fish NH has all you need to know about licensed fishing in New Hampshire. Together with The NH Fish & Game Department, we have created an interactive map marking all of New Hampshire's State & Federal fishing-friendly water bodies.

Fish NH is continually being update so please note that information may change. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email them to Jessica Jordan at

NH State & Federal Water Bodies Map

Zoom in on your New Hampshire area with the +/- buttons on the upper left of the map. Click on a map marker to view expanded water body information; natural and stocked fish species are identified if known, and access points, ramps, docks primary water use, directions (including latitude and longitude coordinates) and other additional informations are outlined. Colored pins indicate stocked water bodies. Use the map keys below for color and abbreviation definition. 

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NH Fishing Map Key

Fish Species:

  • AE - American Eel
  • CWS - Common White Sucker
  • LT - Lake Trout
  • SMB - Smallmouth Bass
  • BBH - Brown Bullhead
  • EBT - Brook Trout
  • NP - Northern Pike
  • TT - Tiger Trout
  • BC - Black Crappie
  • ECP - Chain Pickerel
  • RB - Rock Bass
  • WLE - Walleye
  • BG - Bluegill
  • HP - Hornpout (Bullhead)
  • RS - Rainbow Smelt
  • WP - White Perch
  • BT - Brown Trout
  • LLS - Landlock Salmon
  • RT - Rainbow Trout
  • YP - Yellow Perch
  • CSF - Pumpkinseed
  • LMB - Largemouth Bass
  • SF - Sunfish

Water bodies stocked by The New Hampshire Fish & Game Department are marked with color-coded pins on the map. The marker color references the stocked fish; natural fish species (if known) will be listed in the expanded information.

Stocked Fish Species:

  • ATS - Atlantic salmon
  • BT - Brown Trout
  • EBT - Brook Trout
  • FING - Fingerling
  • LLS - Landlock Salmon
  • LT - Lake Trout
  • (Yellow) RT - Rainbow Trout
  • TT - Tiger Trout

Additional Information:

F - Fishing | B - Boating | S - Swimming | C - Camping | P- Picnicking

NH State Fishing Licensing

New Hampshire fishing licenses are available for purchase at many convenient retail locations. You may also apply for and print your license online.

  • *Please Note: If you apply online for your license, make sure your computer can run Adobe Acrobat Reader and that your printer is in working order as you will have to print your license; it will not be mailed to you. 
  • Freshwater Fishing licenses for New Hampshire residents may be purchased in 1-year or 1-day increments. The current resident fees for a freshwater fishing license are $35/one-year and $10/one-day. 
  • Non-residents may purchase NH freshwater fishing licenses in one-year($53), one-day($15), three-day($28) and seven-day($35) increments.
  • New Hampshire salt-water fishing licenses may be purchased by both residents and non-residents for a $11 fee. 
  • Annual combination licenses for hunting and fresh water fishing are $46 for residents and $141 for non-residents.

For more NH fishing license & permit info visit The New Hampshire Fish & Game Licenses Web Page.

NH Fish & Game Department

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is a guardian of the Granite State’s fish, wildlife and marine resources. In a partnership with the public, their mission is simple and threefold:

  • Conserve, manage and protect NH resources and their habitats
  • Inform and educate the public about NH resources
  • Provide the public with opportunities to use and appreciate NH resources

Learn more about The New Hampshire Fish & Game Department