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Wicked Wine & Brew Fest 2015, Beer and Wine Festival Pro Tips

Monday, September 7, 2015

August through October will showcase a number of food and drink festivals throughout New Hampshire. Check out the NH Wineries & Breweries page, sponsored by LaBelle Winery, for information on wine & brew tours, plus other delicious food & drink events!

One of the biggest and wine and beer events in the state is the ‘Wickedly popular’ Wicked Wine & Brew Fest, a unique tasting event featuring New Hampshire and New England wineries and breweries. The 7th annual Wicked Wine & Brew Fest will be held at Funway Park, 454 Charles Bancroft Hwy, Litchfield, NH, on Saturday, September 12th, from 2pm-6pm. The festival offers a growing array of New England vintners and brewers, along with local shopping opportunities, live entertainment, and more!

Beer and wine festivals are a great night out with friends or family, and scenic New Hampshire is the perfect backdrop! Here are some quick tips to make it a wicked great evening!

Beer and Wine Festival Pro Tips


Make sure to get enough sleep the night before the event. Alcohol can make you sleepy, so if you’re over-tired, you may lose out on some of the festival fun!


Valid and proper identification will be required for all attendees wishing to drink. No exceptions. Make sure you have your ID and any advance-ordered tickets!


Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eat before and after the event (even enjoy some food at Woodman’s during Wicked Wine & Brew!). You may enjoy more samples with less sickness if you help your body process the drinks with some food in your belly.


Obvious, right? Maybe not. Just as important as sampling as many wines and brews and possible, is staying hydrated. Drink water throughout the entire event!


Wickedly popular events like The Telegraph’s Wicked Wine & Brew Fest can sometimes have some long lines during peak hours. Additionally, outdoor events (like Wicked Wine & Brew!) are at the mercy of the weather, and don’t necessarily lend themselves to stilettos. Be sure to wear comfy shoes, and attire that could handle a passing New England drizzle.


You may not be able to sample all the available drinks, but pre-planning can help you sip the pours you are most interested in. Pick up a vendor map at the gates, or check in on the event web site for a digital copy.


Being responsible can be fun if it means bringing more friends along! Bring a designated-driver (DDs usually get discounted tickets!), or have a list of event-area cab services to make sure you get home safe.


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