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Top 10 Snow Storm Survival Kit Supplies List, Safety Preparedness Tips, and DIY Home Winterization Ideas

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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In honor of the winter season, we have compiled some tips and resources for enduring the brutality of New England winter!

Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

New Englanders must vigilantly watch weather reports. A flurry could snowball to a full-on blizzard in a matter of minutes. When facing an impending storm, consider these three tips, and get text-alerts, or visit the PSNH Web site for more safety instructions.


Perishable foods are threatened by power-outages, but some may be salvaged if power is restored quickly. Try to keep the fridge and freezer doors closed while the power is out. PSNH notes refrigerated food will keep for 6-9 hours, and frozen food should be okay for 36-48 hours without power.

Gas the Car

In the event of a major outage, you may be without power for a substantial time. Be prepared to drive to alternate lodging, and consider making a winter-storm car kit.

Home Survival Kit

Create a winter storm survival kit for your home, (and don’t sneak batteries from it in the summer time!) See below for our top ten snow storm survival kit supplies list

Top 10 Snow Storm Survival Kit Supplies List

Water—at least a 3-day supply; one gallon per person per day

Food—at least a 3-day supply of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food

Flashlight & extra batteries (candles and matches are helpful, too!)

Battery-powered or hand-crank radio

First aid kit

Personal hygiene items (toiletries, etc.)

Cell phone with chargers (consider an external battery pack!)

Family and emergency contact information

Extra cash

Baby and/or pet supplies (bottles, formula, baby food, diapers) (collar, leash, ID, food, carrier, bowl)

DIY Home Winterizing Ideas

Keep your home warm this winter. Visit our NH Winter Ready board on Pinterest for ideas including winter clothing organization, bubble wrap insulation, draft stoppers, thermal curtains, and more!

Winter Weather Alerts

A lengthier list and other preparedness information can be found on the American Red Cross Web site. Additionally, the Red Cross outlines the difference between Winter Weather Advisory, Winter Storm Watch, and Winter Storm Warning:

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter weather conditions are expected to cause significant inconveniences and may be hazardous. When caution is used, these situations should not be life threatening.

Winter Storm Watch

Winter storm conditions are possible within the next 36 to 48 hours. People in a watch area should review their winter storm plans and stay informed about weather conditions.

Winter Storm Warning

Life-threatening, severe winter conditions have begun or will begin within 24 hours. People in a warning area should take precautions immediately.

Be safe, New Hampshire!


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