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NH Facebook Fans’ Maple Syrup Recipes

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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When I was young, my dad use to jokingly refer to pancakes, French toast, and the like as “syrup delivery foods.” The idea that the food is not as important as the condiment is still hilarious… but also… true? I think we should let the evidence speak for itself. I put a call out to Facebook fans for delectable recipes and sweet things to do with maple sugar and maple syrup! When polled, our fans fervently rejoined our quest for maple foods. From candy, to seafood, to starch, and meat, it seems we’re just about ready to enhance any food with the saccharine goodness of maple syrup!

What are your favorite uses for maple syrup? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter, and we will add them to our list!

And don’t forget to check out our Maple Sugar Page with an interactive Map of all the Maple Sugar Weekend events in the state!

Facebook Fan Favorite Maple Uses

I put it in on snow.-Donna

Ice cream-Sophie

Seared scallops!-Kimberly

I really like maple syrup.-Michelle



French toast-Beth

Whole-wheat buttermilk pancakes!-Louanne

Mashed sweet potatoes, syrup and bit of butter YUMMO-Donna

Most Creative Maple Syrup Uses

I have a maple flavored something that is amazing… but I didn’t make it. Cabin Fever Whiskey. Made right here in NH. Who ever thought of that was a genius. -Lisa

I use it in my homemade granola.-Jean

BBQ Sauce-Sheryl

Maple Lemonade!-Kate

I have friends that bake almost exclusively with b grade instead of sugar.-Katie

Maple lollipops-Megan

Naan bread-Craig

Added to coffee! Sooo good & when I make salsa I use it to calm the heat down a bit!!-Rebecca

The perfect condiment… Sometimes Its goods just by itself… or a squirt or two into your coffee.-Maurice

Cotton candy & Salad Dressing!-Jennifer

Putting it in oatmeal, dipping any kind of breakfast meat in it, BBQ sauces, baked goods and when I was little I would take a swig out of the bottle… Oh who am I kidding? I’m 31, and I still swig out of the bottle lol!-Lindsay

Fill mini ice cube trays with it, cover with wax paper loosely and freeze with toothpicks poking through the wax paper – use as handles.-Spike

I add it to ice cream with walnuts.-Sarah

Glazed chicken. Over oatmeal. In tea. BBQ sauce. Maple-nut muffins. As a laxative!!!-Diane

Maple taffy! Maple syrup pie!!! Yummy.-Jean

A little splash in my home made Vegetable Soup! Yummo! When I was a kid we would put it on gathered fresh fallen snow!-Miriam

“Delivery food” or not, there sure are a lot of foods that benefit from a glossy maple glaze! It makes a snazzy sugar substitute, and even a great baking ingredient!


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