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New Year’s Eve: Kid Friendly Party Ideas, Recipes, Crafts, & More

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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New Year’s Eve will be here before we have time to throw away the wrapping paper.

My kids are still little, but I like to include them in some of the New Year’s Eve celebration (at least until bedtime). They don party hats and revel in permission to toot their holiday horns as loud as they like.

If you’re looking for New Year’s Eve events in NH visit our NH events calendar and search category “New Years” for fun celebrations in your area, like the three glitter ball drop events scheduled at Children’s Museum of NH, or the various entertainment and fireworks at Pat’s Peak!

For home parties, check out some party, food, and craft recommendations below, and visit our New Year’s Eve for Kids board on Pinterest for even more kid-friendly fun!

New Year’s Eve: Kid Friendly Party Ideas

New Year’s Countdown Goodie Bags

Get your kids excited about the countdown to the New Year by setting up a table with goodie bags for each hour. Paste an analog clock face for older kids or write-out the times in digits for little ones. Bags can be filled with fun, random surprises including: treats; trinkets; mittens; love notes; confetti; horns, etc., but kids must wait until the designated hour to open them!

Other fun party ideas include a DIY balloon drop, a confetti balloon pop, and an educational look at New Year’s Eve around the world!

New Year’s Eve Kid Friendly Recipes

Fancy Floats

Since the fun of grown-up drinks if heavily tied to the nifty glassware, consider serving your kids’ drinks in plastic Champaign flutes! This looks particularly impressive with root beer floats, Shirley Temples, mock-Champaign, and milk with a cookie topper for the little kids.

Sparkling Punch

Take the stylish-plasticware to the next step—allow older kids to serve their own sparkling punch from a plastic punch bowl! Simply mix your kids’ favorite juice with an equal amount of Sprite or Sierra Mist, then scoop in a tub of rainbow sherbet.

For snackable munchies, consider serving small finger-foods and treats including: sparkling jello bites, rice cereal treat “sushi”, fruit sparklers, and veggie squares.

New Year’s Eve Crafts for Kids

New Year’s Eve presents a great opportunity for tactile and cognitive learning projects. My son is starting to grow interest in time and clocks, so this year we are going to make a study clock (instructions and diagrams below)!

Clock for Kids to Learn Time


Two paper plates, marker, construction paper, scissors, one brad tack.

1. Cut out an hour and minute hand from construction paper, label them “HOUR” and “MINUTE.” Set them aside.
2. On one paper plate, mark the clock face hours from 1-12. Use scissors to snip about an inch to either side of each number, so each number is on its own tab.
3. Place your tabbed plate on top of the second plate. Use your brad tack to affix the clock hands to the face, and through the second plate.
4. Lift each tab and write the minute value for each space: Under the tab “1” write :05, under tab “2” write :10, etc.
5. Have kids arrange the hour and minute hands, and explain that the hour hand points to the top number, and the minute hand points to the number under the tab. *You can even color-code these with matching construction paper and markers.

New Year's Eve Kids' Craft Ideas, Time-Teaching Clock               New Year's Eve Kids' Craft Ideas, Time-Teaching Clock

Kids will also love fireworks painting, mini-hat making, and a resolutions tree!


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