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Winter Clothes Tips & Best Snow Boots

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Like all seasons in New England, winters are unpredictable, and temperatures can plummet without warning. Dressing in winter means dressing in layers! Moreover, there is a specific order layers should be worn in to optimize warmth and safety.

Winter Clothes: Tips To Keep You Warm

Base Protection

Your base layer can be natural or synthetic. The key here is to find moisture-wicking materials to keep moisture away from your skin. There are many great moisture-wicking fabrics including merino wool and Polartec. Never use cotton as a base layer.

Warmth Layer

The warmth layer can be warmth layers depending on temperature. Moisture wicked away from your skin from the base protection layer will be transferred here, so continue avoiding cotton.  Good fabric choices include fleece, wool, or polyester. Mid layer(s) should be a looser fit than the base layer.

Insulated Shell

This layer should protect you from weather conditions other than temperature. Check tags for the word “windproof” and “waterproof.”

How To Find The Best Snow Boots


Try on boots to make sure you are comfortable with the arch and ankle support. Remember, you may lose your balance once or twice this season.


Winter boots must be warm! Make sure boots are well insulated with moisture-wicking materials. You may also want to look for linings with antibacterial or antimicrobial properties, which will help avoid foot odor.


Always check the tread on your boots. Casual boots may be comfortable and well insulated, but will not have proper treads for walking on ice. Winter-treads will have notable depth in tread design to help grip and stabilize.


The outer layer of winter boots should be a water proof material, or treated with water proofing.


We live in New England. Snow gets deep here! Be sure to consider trudging through a modest 6-8” to the grocery store before buying those ankle-height boots!

Winter in NH

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