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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas From Your Closet

Monday, October 3, 2016

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It is Halloween season, which means pumpkins, candy, and Halloween parties. If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas that won’t break the bank this year, try looking in your own closet! There are many great costume themes that can be strung together for free with just the right clothing combination! The biggest tip for a DIY Halloween costume: It’s all in the details—hair, accessories, and make-up can transform a themed-clothing combo into an identifiable costume!

Here are some normal clothes Halloween Costume ideas that take very little construction/effort. Check out our DIY Halloween Costume Ideas board on Pinterest for more elaborate ideas, including: Lego Family, Cardboard Box Costumes, Bag of Jellybeans, Rock-Paper-Scissors Group Costume, Care Bear Family, and more!

Halloween Costume Ideas With Everyday Clothes

DIY Mime Costume.

Black pants with suspenders, black and white striped shirt, white gloves, hat. White face paint with clown eyes and red lips. Also add scarf and character-prop for more detail!

DIY Clark Kent/Superman Costume.

Blue suit pants, black belt, Superman logo t-shirt under white, button-down shirt, red striped tie, thick-rimmed glasses. Unbutton half of the shirt buttons to reveal the Superman logo. Slick and side-part hair.

DIY Scarecrow Costume.

Worn jeans, loose plaid shirt, floppy straw or bucket hat. Yellow face paint with brown stitching accents on the smile, around the nose, and around the eyes. Affix some leaves to clothing/in hair for more detail!

DIY Zombie Costume.

Any old clothing you are willing to rip/stain. White face paint, dark circles around eyes, red paint/fake blood near mouth, on clothes, various “wounds,” and don’t forget your origination-wound!

DIY Where’s Waldo Costume.

Blue jeans, red and white striped shirt, brown shoes, red stocking cap (with pom-pom), thick-rimmed glasses, goofy smile.

DIY Pirate Costume.

Tattered brown or black pants, baggy white shirt (tatter sleeves), brown or black vest, red waist-sash, bandana. Tousle hair and add nautical jewelry and trinkets, and fake tattoos/ sword for more detail!

DIY Mickey Mouse Costume.

Black leggings, red shorts (add two white paper buttons to the front), long-sleeved black shirt, white gloves, Mickey ears. Pin a black cord “tail” to shirts, and paint a black circle on your nose.

DIY Toga Costume.

Okay, maybe this one doesn’t come from your closet, but if you check your bed, you will probably find everything you need! Grab a sheet (it doesn’t have to be white), wrap and fasten around your body, throw on some sandals. You are costumed!

DIY Minions Costume.

These little tater-tot looking fellows are everywhere, and their look is pretty easy to replicate! Don a yellow hooded sweatshirt. Fasten some denim overalls on top. Add a pair of swimming goggles and some black mittens and boots, and you are ready to go! If you want to add more detail, you can add some black yarn to the hood for hair!

DIY Rosie the Riveter Costume.

Show off your strength with this iconic character. If you have blue or denim coveralls, you are pretty well set for this ensemble! Otherwise, use blue pants and a blue collared shirt. Roll your sleeves, and tie your hair up with a red (polka-dot if you can) bandana! Carry some tools for added detail. Don’t forget to flex for every photo!

DIY Mr. Clean Costume.

Wear a fresh white shirt, white pants, and a white belt. If you have hair, cover with a bald cap. Carry an appropriate cleaning product for anyone who “doesn’t get it!”

DIY Brawny Man Costume.

Whatever you wore on your last camping trip should work for this one–as long as you wore jeans, a white t-shirt, and a red flannel shirt. Tote some paper towels to tie the costume together. Bonus: You will be the hero if someone spills punch at the Halloween party!

DIY Mummy Costume.

We recommend khaki or tan clothing as a base, and two-ply toilet paper as the key to this simple, DIY costume!

DIY Jellybeans or Grapes Costume.

Wear some basic black clothes. Inflate and tie a bunch of green, purple, or maroon balloons. Use small safety pins to fasten through the balloon end and attach to shirt. Start at the top and taper balloons down to resemble the shape of a bunch of grapes!

For a jellybean costume, start with the same basic black clothes. Cut leg and arm holes in a clear trash bag. Put your legs through holes at the bottom, and draw the bag up around your torso. Fill the bag with small, inflated, multicolored balloons. Put your arms through the holes at the sides. Bunch the top of the bag at your shoulders, and pin to your sleeves/shirt collar leaving some ruffles like the top of a tied bag of jellybeans.



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