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Trick or Treat

  • - New Hampshire Trick or Treat by City, Time, Day - 2014 List!
  • - Happy Haunting & Be Safe!
  • - Trick or treating tips
  • - If you're trick-or-treating at night, be sure to bring along a flashlight with new batteries.
  • - Never trick-or-treat alone.
  • - If your costume is black or mainly dark colors, reflector strips aren't a bad idea at night.
  • - Don't eat unwrapped candy or other foods.
  • - When available, stay on the sidewalks.
  • - Avoid tripping: make sure costume’s aren’t too long and wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.
  • - Unless you know the residents do not go into a house to retrieve candy or other treats.
  • - Go to the bathroom before you leave to trick-or-treat.
  • - Stay on roads and driveways; do not walk on the grass or dirt at someone's home.
  • - Only visit houses with lights on. Assume if the lights are off no one is home.
  • - Bring a spare bag or pillowcase in case your candy container rips or breaks.
  • - Lift your mask between houses for clearer visibility and better breathing.
  • - Obey your town's trick-or-treat curfew times. Don't arrive too early or too late.
  • - Make sure you have a cell phone or money in case of an emergency.
  • - If weather is inclement or cool, bring a jacket or umbrella.
  • - Be familiar with your trick-or-treat route and plan ahead.

Pumpkin Picking Tips

  • - 1. First tip is to decide what you want a pumpkin for? Decoration or eating?
  • - 2. For decorative pumpkins, choose any, which are most visually appealing to you!
  • - 3. For eating pumpkins, choose a gourd free from cuts, soft spots and bruises. The flesh should be firm. Select a pumpkin with a stem.
  • - 4. Any pumpkin has seeds good for frying!
  • - Check out to find pumpkin picking farm locations near you!

Scarecrow Making Supplies

  • - Long-sleeved shirt
  • - Pair of pants/jeans/overalls
  • - Pair of socks or boots
  • - Pair of fabric gloves
  • - Hat or wig
  • - Pillowcase or Pumpkin for the head
  • - Leaves/straw/or other stuffing
  • - Lots of twine
  • - Wire or wire coat hangers
  • - Safety pins
  • - Stakes or chair

    Assembling Your Scarecrow:

  • 1. Decide how you would like your scarecrow positioned. Do you want a traditional arms out on stakes scarecrow, or one sitting on a porch swing or lawn chair reading a book?
  • 2. Knot or tie off the shirt sleeves and pant legs.
  • 3. Stuff the shirt and pants with your choice of filling.
  • *Keep your scarecrow’s position in mind. Standing (on stakes) or sitting could make a difference. Leaves can get heavier if they get too wet from rain.
  • 4. Decide what kind of head you’d like to give your pumpkin. A stuffed pillowcase with a drawn-on face is probably your easiest option, though you may want to go for the scary, pumpkin head approach.
  • *If you choose a pumpkin for your scarecrow head, do yourself a favor and core it out first to lighten the load.
  • *A sitting position for your scarecrow may offer additional pumpkin head support on the back of a chair.
  • *A pumpkin/jack-o-lantern candy bucket might be a good alternative, just make sure you poke good-sized rain holes in the bottom and additional holes to wire-fasten the head to the shirt.
  • 5. Pin your pillow head to the inside of the shirt, or wire your pumpkin head to a stake support or other support.
  • 6. Slide the upper body into the pants and pin the shirt and pants together.
  • *Use some twine as a makeshift belt to keep a better hold on the two halves.
  • 7. Stuff some cloves and pin/tie onto shirtsleeves.
  • 8. -Stuff socks and pin/tie into pant legs.
  • *Additionally, you could slip some old boots over the socks. Lace them really tight and maybe even try to pin them to the pant legs.
  • 9. Tie your scarecrow to your stakes or sit him in whatever position you like.
  • 10. Add a hat or wig (or both!) to bring him to life.
  • *Pin your wig or hat down so it doesn’t blow away!
  • *Give your scarecrow some other props: a fake bird perched on his shoulder, a pitchfork, a rake... have some fun!

You are now ready to scare some crows!

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